Saturday, March 29, 2008

Zoe at 9 months

Wow, I was hoping to keep this blog more up to date. But time does what it wants regardless. Anyway. Zoe has had a great couple of months. She's really moving now. She can walk with just one hand helping. She can also kind-of walk using only her fake lawn-mower toy (though she only can stay up for a about a half of a minute before she plops down on her butt). Anyway, she's really going for it.
Her personality is really starting to shine. She laughs a lot, and loves making other people smile and laugh. We went to Virginia for Easter and she got everyone grinning and giggling. I can tell, she's gonna have quite a boisterous personality. Over easter vacation she got to meet her cousins for the first time. They are Maddox (3.5 years, and Xavier 2.25 years). She can't hope to keep up with those two. They are both really energetic and physical little boys. Maddox is basically a blur. You're lucky to get a minute of time with him before he literally sprints off to a new location. He's a great kid. He's got a really great heart, and he loves to wrestle and play ball and do all the little boy fundamentals.
It's 1am right now and I better get to bed. But here are a couple pictures from easter.

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Danalin said...

What a beauty! Amazing how quickly time passes, huh? I hope we get to see Zoe up close and personal soon...we'll be in CO mid-June. Hopefully it will work out to get the kiddos together.