Monday, January 28, 2008

Zoe is 7 months plus change

I can't believe Zoe is seven months old already. We've had so much fun with her in the last month. She's been sitting up real well for about a month (now she never tips). She reaches out to touch everything in sight. She's been barreling around the house in her walker. We try to limit the walker time, but she loves it. She flies around at the speed of sound chasing the cat. She cries when the cat (Neeka) escapes down the "kitty-hole" to the basement. She moved on to the next level of foods. Which includes horrible meat flavorings (horrible judging by her reaction to them). Last tuesday, she had her flu shot. I took the day off with her just for fun. We had a great time together. After her appointment, I took her to the mall. The mall was open, but the stores weren't. I stumbled on a secret society of women!! There were probably 30-40 women with their babies taking walks around the mall with their babies in strollers. Apparently, that's where the moms go to get out of the house early in the morning. Since I was a dude, and there was plenty of room in the mall. I went around the circle in the opposite direction. The babies waved hi to Zoe, and Zoe just analyzed them. Eventually, Zoe fell asleep and I got a bit drowsy myself. That's when I decided to have a healthy snack (Cinnabon and a large coke). I bombed myself with sugar. Then I just took Zoe home and we played. It was a great day. I can always get her to laugh with either 1) a raspberry on the belly, 2) a 321 getcha getcha getcha countdown. She's a sweetheart.
It's worth noting that my absolute favorite time with Zoe is when she falls asleep when I'm holding her. My second favorite is taking her to the pool. Another thing I love to do, is take her picture.

She's my sweetie. Jess and I are having such a great time with lil' Z. We have two nicknames for her 1) Captain Tuddlesworth and 2) Little Z.

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Mark said...

Love the picture. Very cute and yet strikingly post-modern in the austere, isolating environment that is then happily punctuated by your rosy cheeked daughter.

Here's my take: We are all alone, and yet we are all connected. The very glass that connects us visually separates us physically.

Is that what you meant through this photo? Man, you're a genius. :)