Sunday, June 21, 2009

Zoe's 2/Father's Day

My two little ones

I don't know why I'm writing this now, because I don't have any pictures yet. I'm basically in the eye of the hurricane. Zoe and Ava are both napping, and when they wake up, we're gonna party. We got a baby pool (with a rainbow and a slide), We got a little tricycle. We got a little microphone. It's gonna be a good time. Oh, and it's also father's day.

I am so happy and proud of my little girls. They are the most amazing gift that anybody could ever receive. They are beautiful and sweet and courageous and funny and innocent and wild. They are awesome. Every day when I look at them, I think of how amazing they are. Their charm has never worn off, or even faded in the least bit. In fact, one of my favorite aspects of parenthood is watching how these little spirits transform without ever losing their magic. One day it's just a passing glance, Next, they're shaking a rattle, then crawling and squawking and talking and walking and playing hide-n'-seek and then tellin' you about Peter Rabbit and the scary white cat by the fish pond.

I wish I could type out exactly how I feel about my little girls, but I'm gonna need a keyboard with only exclamation points.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ava Karey Rapp

Well, an update has been long overdue.

The big news!! Ava Karey Rapp was born on Tuesday March 3 at 5:17 AM! She's such a beautiful little baby and I love her very much. Zoe was very excited to see her and gave her many kisses and hugs as well as several miscellaneous coos and ahhhs. It's been a really amazing week.

I'm here with Ava right now. It's midnight and an impromptu slumber party has surfaced. Participants: Me and Ava. Jess just fed her a bottle and went to bed. Of course, Ava was wide awake and ready to play as only a 3 day old can. I make faces at her, rock her along to the music, talk to her, etc. Every personality is a mystery, and little Ava packed tight with odd expressions.

She's a lot more active than Zoe was at this age. She likes to kick and throw her arms about. Zoe wasn't much of a kicker. Jess has been aware of Ava's kicking for a long time, but it's been funny to see it in person. The pictures of Zoe and Ava are pretty remarkable. Comparing similar pictures from 3 days old, it's really hard to tell them apart. Ava has a slightly different shaped nose, and her cheeks aren't quite as chubby. Other than that, they are pretty much identical.

The pictures of the family are available at

I'm so thankful to have my kids. They are the most inspiring people I know, and have ever known.