Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Zostress, 1/2 a year old

DANG! Half a year old already. I can't believe it. Zoe is really something. She's really a little personality now. She grins and giggles, gets frustrated, pitches fits, eats everything she can grab, grabs everything in her reach, and much more. She's a funny one. We had a great time with her today. We had an appointment at Target to take her to have her pictures taken. After trying every trick in the book, we finally got some good shots. We ordered a ridiculous amount of photographs. It was a special day.

Jess' parents are in town. So we've had a lot of fun taking turns playing with Zoe. It has really been fun to witness many of the family specific traditions that they bring. I'm not talking about ceremonial traditions. I'm talking about babygames and phrases, styles of babytalk, methods of raspberry delivery, tickle attack rules of engagement, etc. All the small things. Jess' parents literally shipped 4 large boxes of presents for Zoe. Each box contained roughly 6-10 presents. Jess and I also got Zoe five or six presents. So Zoe is pretty much set for life. When she grows up, we'll pretty much be equipped to start our own toy museum. It's a time of absurd plenitude in our household. (I just learned that plenitude isn't spelled plentitude).

We saw things today. We learned things today. We changed things today.
I even learned that most people don't like baked potato chips. I personally love them.

Anyway, if you're reading this. WRITE A BLOG NOW!! Don't just read, WRITE!!

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Mark said...

This Christmas will come and go, and another will surely follow next years. The extraneous gift-giving will accelerate, toys will accumulate, and then they will begin to break in unimaginable ways. You will step on them in the middle of the night (one of many ways in which they may break), and eventually you will resolve in a huff to donate several boxes of the junk to a local Salvation Army store.

Such are the extravagances of our American consumerism . . .

(Hey, but it's a lot of fun . . .)

Reminds my of a song I wrote many years ago entitled "Lullaby Me Love," sung from the perspective of a sage infant:

"Of all of these presents,
if I had my choice,
I'd exchange every one
for the sound of your voice.
A baby needs more
than just all of this stuff.
Now I need you, Dad,
to lullaby me love."

("Lullaby me love," get it? A clever twist on "Can't buy me love." See? Oh, nevermind . . .)

No one else knows or appreciates this song. Moreover, no one cares.

However, I have just vainly self-promoted my insignificant music to the vast readership of your blog. International ignominy is sure to follow.

But seriously, congrats on 6 months of life for your daughter! Our little man just turned 7 months. He loves attacking presents under the tree . . .

Cherish childhood, and have a merry Christmas!