Sunday, December 9, 2007

Zoe, getting close to 6 months.

Wow, Zoe is getting older and wiser by the second. Her personality is really starting to shine. She smiles almost all day, and laughs several times a day. She's starting to really understand more of her world. She reaches for things she wants. And she responds unhappily to having objects taken away (such as a bottle). She's had this behavior in primitive form for a while, but you can tell, she is processing the information in a much more mature manner. Her two lower teeth have taken their pretty little time coming in. It's been over a month and they're still not all the way in. Only partially, probably 1/2-3/4 done, although it can be hard to tell how deep they go.

Zoe is really fun to be around. She's changing daily. She can now stand up as long as she has a basket or coffee-table or mommy-daddy to hold on to. She has to be really closely chaperoned in such cases, as she can instantly fall forward or backward or sideways. Of course, she's not even close to being able to walk, or even stand by herself. Those milestones are another 4-6months away. She can sit up by herself for 30 seconds or so IF she's playing with a stuffed animal or ball, and has it in her lap. It helps her counterweight as well as stops her from shifting to the side. If she has nothing in her hands, she pretty much flops sideways instantly. Jess is pretty excited about her abilities in this area (because Jess couldn't sit up until 8 months or so).

Zoe's favorite activities are 1) kicking and rolling the ball, 2) playing with her stuffed animals, and 3) laying on her back and holding her feet. I tried activity number 3 myself today, and hated it. It hurt my stomach muscles and also felt somewhat offputting and unsanitary holding on to my feet.

A few things about Zoe have reminded me of when I was a child. My memories are when I was a bit older 3-5 or something, however, I still can remember what these things feel like. 1) Having a wet collar from chewing or druelling on my shirt collar. 2) Being carried up to bed when half-asleep. 3) the feeling of wearing pajamas with feet. I even remember that as you outgrow the pajamas, you can feel them pulling against your shoulders and your feet. I remember that feeling.

Anyway, Zoe has had an amazing month, and a surprising week. She changes so fast. Christmastime is going to be amazing. Jess' mom and dad are coming out the 19th-24th. And my sister and brother in law are coming out for the 23rd to 27th. Zoe is gonna be spoiled crazy. Oh, I also have our company Christmas party as well as our personal Christmas open house coming up. We're gonna have an amazing and crazy Christmastime.

Anyway, I better get to bed for work tomorrow.

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Tyler said...

What an irresponsibly unsanitary activity you engaged in by holding your feet! I would think a man of your stature and maturity would be above such childishness!

The memory of how it feels when your pajamas get to small and they pull against your shoulders is very dim if not entirely lost to me now.

I'm sure Max knows this feeling well, however, seeing as how almost all of his pajamas are getting too small. His lazy parents should buy him some new ones. Don't worry, Christmas is just around the corner and I have a feeling Ernie Elf won't forget Max this year.

Glad to hear that Zoe is learning new lifelong skills. Sitting up is really one of those "unteachable" skills in that you either "get it" or you don't. It seems that Zoe is among the fortunate ones who truly "gets it". It is only a matter of time until she masters the talent. I bet it won't be long until she is a better sitter than me. I think at this moment in time I have her beat, since I don't need any counterweight to keep my balance. I feel her nipping at my heels though...